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Pennsylvania. The groundbreaking dystopian vision Hugh Howey called “a brilliant tale of extra-planetary colonization.” Now you can revisit USA Today Bestselling Author Michael Bunker’s unique world in this anthology of original short stories—authored by ten of his fellow master storytellers and including a new Pennsylvania story by the creator of the Pennsylvania World himself.

In Tales from Pennsylvania, Transport’s ever-growing desire for complete control forges new heroes as imagined by today’s leading voices in speculative fiction. You’ll meet an Amish family torn between their commitment to pacifism and impossible choices to preserve their way of life. A hacker named Gordian, who’s far too good at what she does for the Authority’s taste. A former stripper and her club-owner husband, who must learn to fit into Plain society or lose their lives. A young girl, lost in the winter cold and at the mercy of the Wild Ones. A scavenger on the Great Shelf, who befriends a woman he’d only intended to rob. A young Native American girl forced to undertake a journey in time. These adventures and more await you inside this collection.


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Freedom is not the natural state of man. There are always those who would exert power over others. Too often people are willing to trade their individual freedoms for the fleeting promise of security of a government program or for “the greater good.” But freedom should never be sacrificed in the name of someone else’s self-serving “greater good.” Freedom is the greater good.

Forging Freedom is a collection of stories from our contributors’ personal and family histories; stories as people pictured today’s headlines and imagined how freedom tomorrow may be impacted; stories imagining freedom from a world suspending reality or far into a hopeful future. Our contributors hail from across the globe, united in the idea that freedom is the right state of man. It is something that must be preserved, fought for, and won. And when it is lost, freedom is something that must be forged once again.


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Like all fairy tales, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has one foot planted in the fantastic and another foot planted firmly in blood. Explore the darker side of Oz…the parts too terrifying or obscene to be told as bedtime stories. 19 tales from some of today’s hottest Indie writers peel back the emerald layers of the Land of Oz and reveal the pink, bloody flesh beneath. Shadows DO fall in the Emerald city, and where they are their darkest you will find the true terror of Oz.


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A Thousand Faces is the quarterly journal of superhuman fiction. Published four times a year online, A Thousand Faces is the next step in the evolution of the superhero genre. There’s no four color artwork here; the stories in A Thousand Faces owe more to the pulp roots of the superhero than to the comics that would later make them famous.


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Lords of Justice is a collection of tales just as fun, and well written, as the comics published by DC and Marvel. It’s a thrill packed ride through the world of masks, capes, and high tech gear that will keep you turning the pages to the end and leave you wanting you more. -Eric S Brown, 2008 Author of The Season of Rot Contains action packed superhero stories by 4 of today’s most talented authors.