Cover of the Month


One of my books (Precious In Thy Sight) has been nominated for the Cover of the Month contest on! Can you please spare 5 seconds to vote for me?

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A Legendary Sequel


Way back in 2014, Michael Bunker and I published a book called Legendarium that went nuclear and became my most successful story to date. Ever since that time, fans have been asking us for a sequel, but other projects have always gotten in the way. All that is about [...]

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No Matter What The Future Holds


Twenty-five years ago, on a cold January evening, I sat down in front of a tiny TV in the apartment I shared with two roommates (Three's Company-style) and watched the 2-hour premier of what would turn out to be my all-time favorite TV show: Star Trek Deep Space Nine. I [...]

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How Far Can One Man Fall?


I have a new short story out called Precious In Thy Sight: How far can one man fall? John Galen has a secret. He's a troubadour with a demon on his back, a demon who is slowly driving him to murder. In this tale of regret and redemption, Galen struggles [...]

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Widows & Orphans


Some of the common problems I encounter whenever I'm formatting a book are widows and orphans. I've exchanged literally hundreds of emails and Facebook messages back and forth with clients on this topic, and so I'm writing this blog in hopes of simplifying my work in the future. What are [...]

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Dragon Awards


This morning, the 2017 Dragon Awards Ballot was released, and to my surprise, The Bleak December was nominated for Best Horror Novel. I'm not particularly good at mobilizing my following, but clearly at least a few of you nominated the book and for that I am deeply grateful. If you [...]

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Literary Outlaw Manifesto


I've been mentally assembling these ideas for a while, and it occurred to me that I should set them down so that my readers will understand me better. And, perhaps, some other authors might find them beneficial as well. LITERARY OUTLAW MANIFESTO I will write the stories that I want [...]

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And the winner is…


I tend not to give away anything for free because most people don't appreciate what you're giving them. Yes, I know that I just did a big book giveaway last week, but that's different because of reasons. But generally, giving someone an Audible code doesn't even warrant a thank you, [...]

And the winner is… 2017-04-17T12:01:41+00:00
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