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Misery Loves Company

Some people say that a being takes on the characteristics of the name it is given. This articles provides ample evidence that it is a terrible, terrible idea to name a breeding sow after a Stephen King novel. This is a true account of the trials and tribulations of my first year as a hog farmer.


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Freedom is not the natural state of man. There are always those who would exert power over others. Too often people are willing to trade their individual freedoms for the fleeting promise of security of a government program or for “the greater good.” But freedom should never be sacrificed in the name of someone else’s self-serving “greater good.” Freedom is the greater good.

Forging Freedom is a collection of stories from our contributors’ personal and family histories; stories as people pictured today’s headlines and imagined how freedom tomorrow may be impacted; stories imagining freedom from a world suspending reality or far into a hopeful future. Our contributors hail from across the globe, united in the idea that freedom is the right state of man. It is something that must be preserved, fought for, and won. And when it is lost, freedom is something that must be forged once again.