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Literary Outlaw Manifesto

I've been mentally assembling these ideas for a while, and it occurred to me that I should set them down so that my readers will understand me better. And, perhaps, some other authors might find them beneficial as well. LITERARY OUTLAW MANIFESTO I will write [...]

And the winner is…

I tend not to give away anything for free because most people don't appreciate what you're giving them. Yes, I know that I just did a big book giveaway last week, but that's different because of reasons. But generally, giving someone an Audible code doesn't [...]

Essay Contest: What Book Changed Your Life?

I'm pleased to announce that I received 5 entries in my Audible Giveaway Essay Contest. The winner of this contest will receive 10 FREE Audible credits, and two runners up will each receive 1 FREE Audible credit. Please take a minute and read each of [...]