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Cover of the Month

One of my books (Precious In Thy Sight) has been nominated for the Cover of the Month contest on AllAuthor.com! Can you please spare 5 seconds to vote for me? https://allauthor.com/cover-of-the-month/1371/

A Legendary Sequel

Way back in 2014, Michael Bunker and I published a book called Legendarium that went nuclear and became my most successful story to date. Ever since that time, fans have been asking us for a sequel, but other projects have always gotten in the way. All that is about to change. Starting today, Michael and I will be releasing [...]

No Matter What The Future Holds

Twenty-five years ago, on a cold January evening, I sat down in front of a tiny TV in the apartment I shared with two roommates (Three's Company-style) and watched the 2-hour premier of what would turn out to be my all-time favorite TV show: Star Trek Deep Space Nine. I had no idea at the time that DS9 would provide [...]

How Far Can One Man Fall?

I have a new short story out called Precious In Thy Sight: How far can one man fall? John Galen has a secret. He's a troubadour with a demon on his back, a demon who is slowly driving him to murder. In this tale of regret and redemption, Galen struggles with the bane of modern man as he tries to [...]