“Earth’s deep space future:  kings and barons rule colony worlds,  warship captains inherit command from their fathers, and a crusader fleet of alien-worshipping humans is slaughtering colonists to save their souls.  Starship Gilead is a richly textured space opera with action and intrigue for readers to immerse in. Think Game of Thrones meets Star Trek.”

Karen Traviss, New York Times #1 Bestselling Author

“Take the action and intrigue of The Expanse or Marko Kloos’ Frontline novels, mix in the intricate world building of Game of Thrones or Warhammer 40,000, and you have an elevator pitch that doesn’t do Relics of Utopia proper justice. John Graves flings us headlong into a rich, wonderfully complex universe harboring a long, troubled history and populated with a vast array of engaging characters. Bursting with detail and furious with action, this first tale of the Starship Gilead gives you everything you didn’t even know you wanted from your military science fiction.”

Dayton Ward, New York Times Bestselling Author

“The Bleak December has a ton of heart and hearkens the mind to the works of Stephen King.”

Jason Anspach, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author


Kevin G. Summers is a science fiction author best known for his novels Legendarium and The Bleak December, a 2017 Dragon Award nominee. He also wrote several short stories set in the STAR TREK universe, including the critically acclaimed Isolation Ward 4, which made the preliminary ballot of the 2002 Nebula Awards. Kevin lives on a working dairy farm in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in a farmhouse that was built in 1910 but isn’t haunted, at least as far as he can tell. He describes himself as an Ecclesiastes 1:17 man married to a Proverbs 31 woman.