I tend not to give away anything for free because most people don’t appreciate what you’re giving them. Yes, I know that I just did a big book giveaway last week, but that’s different because of reasons. But generally, giving someone an Audible code doesn’t even warrant a thank you, much less a review. So that’s why I held an essay contest. I figured that if people had to work a little bit for their prize they might appreciate it more. And, to my surprise, I found myself engaged in pleasant conversations a books with several people that I don’t talk to all that often.

I had five of my outlaws submit essays about books that changed their lives, and the winner (as chosen by the popularity contest known as democracy) walks away with 10 Audible codes.

And the winner is Todd Barselow. Congratulations!

Runners up Chris Fried and Carla Moore will also receive 1 Audible code apiece.