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The Heart of the Matter


This is an amazing blog post by bestselling author Barry Eisler regarding the shift from tradition print to e-publishing. More specifically, e-self publishing. I’ve been telling my students for several years now that the markets are shifting. Looks like Mr. Eisler might have a pretty good idea which way the [...]

The Heart of the Matter2013-09-18T15:33:01-08:00

Stories That Sweep You Away


Congratulations to another former student, Dr. Robbi Perna, who recently completed the contract for her fourth e-book, All The Days of Forever. […]

Stories That Sweep You Away2013-09-18T15:33:01-08:00

Ideas Are Worthless


This is the text of a “legit” eBay auction with a starting bid of $3,000,000 and a Buy It Now price of $10,000,000: I am selling my story that I have been creating for 10+ years. (not constantly writing, but of piecing everything together in a cohesive manner) It can [...]

Ideas Are Worthless2013-09-18T15:33:01-08:00

Writing update


A lot has happened in the 6 months since I last posted a writing update on this blog.  In this time, the artist has continued making progress with our western comic mini-series.  This book has been in the works for a long time, so keep your fingers crossed that it [...]

Writing update2013-09-18T15:33:37-08:00



The news broke this week that Borders has declared bankruptcy.  I have to admit that I’m saddened by this news, and I’m left wondering if the once-mighty chain will ever be able to recover.  With Amazon offering superior inventory and often better prices, not to mention the Kindle, I’m making [...]


Don’t Be An Idiot


If you want to sell fiction, having talent isn’t enough. You could be J.K. Rowling and have the next Harry Potter series sitting on your hard drive, but if you treat people like trash, chances are you’ll never get a publisher to give you the time of day. My fiction [...]

Don’t Be An Idiot2013-09-18T15:33:37-08:00

Summer Update


Summer sure is a busy time here on the farm. With laying hens, turkeys, guineas and several batches of broilers, we have our hands full. And there is always some kind of construction project that needs completion. This year I’ve built a mobile hen house, a broiler pen, a turkey [...]

Summer Update2013-09-18T15:33:37-08:00
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