Book Formatting

Every story has its own, distinct style and deserves to be made into a unique volume that your fans will proudly display on their bookshelf. I’ve worked with some of the biggest indie authors as well as numerous publishers, and now I’m accepting a limited number of new clients. If you want professional quality book formatting at indie prices, I’m your huckleberry.

Some of my clients include: Jason Anspach, Michael Bunker, Nick Cole, JF Dubeau, Inkshares, Chris Fox, Galaxy’s Edge Press, Christopher Huang, Lou Diamond Phillips, Scott Thomas, Karen Traviss, Brian Trenchard-Smith, and WarGate Books.

“Absolutely the hands down best Book Formatting experience on the market. I need my books, in all formats, to compete at the Trad Pub level. Kevin handles every aspect efficiently and quickly delivers product that’s not just the best on the market, it’s artisinally crafted for that Next Level reader experience. The result is a Leonardo Divinci-esque experience for the readers to get the most out a book I put a lot of heart, sweat and love into. And you only get one shot with the readers so it’s got to be the best.”

Nick Cole, Author of Galaxy's Edge: Legionnaire

“Kevin G. Summers is my go-to guy for formatting… he always exceeds my expectations.”

Michael Bunker, Author of Pennsylvania

“As an editor, I understand the importance of formatting to the success of a book. It’s the element that when done perfectly, no one notices it. Without it, you often end up with an unreadable collection of words. Kevin G. Summers is the only formatter I recommend to my authors. His attention to detail goes beyond competent and professional, returning an exquisitely laid out manuscript, whether you choose digital or physical. I have no reservations in recommending Mr. Summers.”

Ellen Campbell, No Safe Words, LLC

“Kevin G. Summers is a masterful artist when it comes to layout.”

Sharon K. Gilbert, Author of The Redwing Saga


Galaxy’s Edge is an epic space opera/military sci-fi series by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole. I was hired to format all their books, and the project has been exciting from the first. This is a huge series, spanning more than 20 books, and also include a number of sub-series as well as books by other authors, including New York Times Bestselling author Karen Traviss.

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Dubbed the “next Ready Player One,” by former Warner Brothers President Greg Silverman, and now in film development at Lionsgate, The Punch Escrow by Tal M. Klein was a fun book to work on. I was commissioned to format this book by Inkshares, Inc., and was very exited to see a quote from Star Trek II at the front of the book. Great stuff, I hope the movie is a huge hit!

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So you’ve inadvertently trapped an ancient trans-dimensional god in your backyard shed; what do you do? That’s what Venus McKenzy and her friends would like to know. A God In The Shed by J-F. Dubeau was the  Barnes & Noble Best Horror Books of 2017 Pick and Runner-up for the American Library Association’s Horror Book of 2017.

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