Galaxy’s Edge

Galaxy’s Edge is an epic space opera/military sci-fi series by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole.

I was hired to format all their books, and the project has been exciting from the first. This is a huge series, spanning more than 20 books, and also include a number of sub-series as well as books by other authors, including New York Times Bestselling author Karen Traviss.

I didn’t work on the front covers, but here you can see some of the interiors that I created using the brilliant artwork by Fabian Saravia, Tommaso Renieri, and others. I did create the book jackets and case laminate hardcovers, however. I think they turned out beautifully.

I’ve also created a number of marketing materials for the Galaxy’s Edge brand. Some of these used custom artwork and for others I used stock images. The GE Timeline actually uses an image from NASA as the background.

This has been an especially fun project to work on because Jason and Nick are close, personal friends of mine and I’ve been able to watch their rise to success from the sidelines. Keep it up, guys. KTF!

Title Pages


Page Spreads

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Hardcover Dust Jacket

Hardcover Case Laminate