In the Star Trek universe, the Vulcans made first contact with humans after Zephram Cochrane tested his warp drive ship, the Phoenix. But what if, in one of Trek’s many alternate universes, it was another alien race that made first contact? Here are a few ideas for new Star Trek series based on this idea:

Dukat is a bad person.

Occupation Earth > The cardassians invaded earth after the flight of the Phoenix and immediately enslaved the enture population. Much like they did on Bajor, they began mining Earth of all its resources and working humans to death. Our story focuses on a small group of rebels who use any means necessary, including terrorism, to fight against their cardassian overlords. This story could be set right after the beginning of the occupation or years, even centuries, down the line. We always see the humans with the fight and repel the aliens. What if the aliens won the initial encounter and established a foothold on earth?


Darmok and Jalad… at Tanagra.

When The Walls Fell > Earth’s first contact is with the Children of Tama, who communicate using metaphors. This would be a series about two cultures that don’t know how to talk to one another, but that must learn to communicate in order to overcome some impending threat. Given the weirdness of this concept, I think it would be more like LOST than anything else, and in order to work there would have to be another outside force at work. Why were the Children of Tama so desperate to communicate with the Federation that they were willing to sacrifice Captain Dathon? There’s something else going on here.


Seven of Nine.

Futility > What if the Borg assimilated Earth after Zephram Cochrane’s flight? The entire population, save a handful of refugees, are now Borg. We’re talking entire Borg cities, like Baltimore, and our heroes would be just trying to survive. Think of this as The Walking Dead meets Star Trek. There are so many interesting stories that could be told about the conflict if we got our heroes off of starships and put them on the ground with primitive weapons. This could make a very interesting show if it was done right.

I love Star Trek, and there’s a part of me that want to believe that Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future is at least a remote possibility for the future of the human race. But human nature is human nature, and given our history, I think 24th century space-faring humans would probably resemble the Cardassians a lot more than the crew of the Enterprise. That said, there’s probably not a lot of people that would be interested in a TV show about a group of space pirates raiding M-class planets, stealing all of their resources and enslaving the indigenous aliens. Maybe that’s why we’re so found of books and movies that show Earth being invaded and humans banding together to fight off the bad aliens. Books like this one, which is on sale today for only .99 BTW: