The multiverse is in danger!

I have a hilarious new book out today that I’m sure you’re going to love if you’re a fan of Kurt Vonnegut or Douglas Adams. Please check it out and leave me an honest review if you enjoy the book.

Three years ago, the Legendarium, a metaphysical library at the nexus of the multiverse in which is stored every book ever written in the history of the world, was threatened with utter destruction, but two unlikely and unqualified heroes stood up to save it. Or… maybe they saved it on accident. In any case, they were given credit for saving it. Now, a new old enemy rises and threatens reality itself, and, as improbable as it sounds, only Bombo Dawson and Alistair Foley can stop it. Can these two frenemies manage to work together again to save the Legendarium a second time? Or, will the world be cast into a dystopian nightmare from which it may never recover? Find out in… Legendarium: The Wrath of Bob.

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