Teen Titans (among other DC titles) ended this week with an “explosive” 100th issue.  I have to admit, I’m pretty sorry to see this book come to an end.  I liked where JT Krul was going with the book… it felt like the Titans were finally back on track after a long period of rebuilding the team post-Infinite Crisis.  The DCnU Titans, I’m sorry to say, look less than spectacular (or should I say Titanic) to me.  Not to say that I won’t at least try the new book.  New Teen Titans #44 was the first comic I ever bought, and I’ve been collecting every Titans series since.  But I have to admit that I’m skeptical.

The Titans have always been my favorite super-team, and this version was one of the best.  Issue #1 was released way back in 2003 with DC’s main man Geoff Johns as writer and Mike McKone on pencils.  After 100 issues, the team certainly saw some ups and downs, and I think it is appropriate now to remember a few of the best moments (spoilers, obviously):
Teen Titans #9 – Kid Flash flips the Batmobile
Teen Titans #17-19, 51-54 – The Titans of Tomorrow
Teen Titans #23 – Titans new & old confront Dr. Light
Teen Titans #24 – Superboy goes crazy
Teen Titans #33 – Nightwing mentors Superboy
Teen Titans #25 – Kid Devil walks in on Robin and Ravager
Teen Titans #74 – Kid Devil sacrifices himself
What were your favorite Teen Titans moments?